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Brand: Platypus
The original Platypus® water reservoir that became a backcountry classic, the Hoser™ is an ultralight, minimalist hydration system that delivers tas..
135.00 Lei
Ex Tax:135.00 Lei
Versatile, quick drying climbing pants as at home in the mountains as they are on valley test pieces and roadside problems.Ascender fabric balances..
350.00 Lei
Ex Tax:350.00 Lei
A superb all-round bag for general mountaineering and lower altitude trekking trips. With a slimmer fit, this protective bag is ideal for those look..
2,100.00 Lei
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Brand: MSR
This entire pot set nests together in one lightweight, compact package. When you need to carry multiple pots but don't want to carry extra weight, t..
800.00 Lei
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Brand: Thermarest
As the original inventor of the self-inflating sleeping pad, we’ve mastered the art of crafting these high-performance pads for camping and backpackin..
700.00 Lei
Ex Tax:700.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
The MSR Gear Shed adds 2.46 sq m (26.5 sq ft) of covered storage space to your tent, increasing its livability and giving you the versatility to make ..
1,050.00 Lei
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Brand: Asolo
Recommended for:Hiking and summer - winter walking.One-piece water-resistant 1,8 mm suede leather upper. Gore-Tex® lining, waterproof and breathable. ..
980.00 Lei
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Brand: MSR
The Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set is our most comprehensive set of tools for outdoor cooking. A releasable webbing handle makes the protective zippered ca..
285.00 Lei
Ex Tax:285.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
This lightweight, basic kitchen set includes all your favorite utensils and accessories wrapped in one convenient package.INCLUDES Folding Spoo..
140.00 Lei
Ex Tax:140.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
The Quick™ 2 system is a complete cook and eat system, designed as the go-to solution for the widest range of backcountry uses and meals. Insu..
490.00 Lei
Ex Tax:490.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
MSR® Folding Utensils are constructed with BPA-free materials and collapse to fit inside MSR Insulated mugs for efficient packing. Different co..
75.00 Lei
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Brand: MSR
Group cooking and non-stop road-warrior use calls for bigger pots with added versatility, and that’s what you get with the Flex™ 3 Cook Set. High..
700.00 Lei
Ex Tax:700.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
The Alpinist 2 Cook System offers the superior strength and light weight of hard anodized aluminum with the added capacity you need for melting snow..
440.00 Lei
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Brand: MSR
Extra durability, privacy and comfort for camping and backpacking soloists.Our most livable tent for solo backpackers and campers, the MSR Elixir 1 te..
1,175.00 Lei
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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket
Best-selling, award-winning, built-for-anything soft shell jacket.Windy, chilly, rugged adventures call for Ferrosi. Long-time award winner and best s..
680.00 Lei
Ex Tax:680.00 Lei
Brand: Asolo
Recommended for:Light Hiking and summer - winter walking.One-piece water-resistant 1,8 mm suede leather upper + polyester. Gore-Tex® lining, waterproo..
696.00 Lei
Ex Tax:696.00 Lei
Weather-shielding soft shell protection that makes the perfect companion to rugged backcountry ski tours.Inspired by the dry snow of the Colorado Rock..
950.00 Lei
Ex Tax:950.00 Lei
Brand: Asolo
Recommended for:Hiking, walks on trails and summer - winter walking.Water-resistant suede mm 1,6-1,8 + Cordura® upper. Gore-Tex® lining, waterproof an..
880.00 Lei
Ex Tax:880.00 Lei
Brand: Thermarest
Lightest, most compact closed-cell mattress. Still a favorite of the ultralight elite, the Z Lite mattresses are our lightest, most compact clo..
260.00 Lei
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