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Vitaly gloves
Vitaly Abalakov did more than design the pioneering ice climbing V-Thread anchor; he inspired these gloves, and gave you a reason to brave the elements with waterproof, windproof, and durable overcuff protection. A weatherproof GORE-TEX® insert, Pittards® Oiltac goat leather palm, and PrimaL..
785.00 Lei
Outdoor Research Women's Ouray Ice Gloves
Designed just for women, with the same Aerogel palm insulation used in NASA missions, these waterproof gloves will make you feel at home on the vertical ice pillars of Ouray.Female ice climbers demand a lot from their gear: The ability to trap warmth, retain tactility, and provide durability aga..
730.00 Lei
Outdoor Research Bitterblaze gloves
Originally developed with the same Aerogel palm insulation used in NASA space travel, these ice and mixed GORE-TEX gloves are top of their class in warmth, without sacrificing dexterityIce climbing is a delicate, precision-driven sport, and the gear that goes along with it needs to be built in t..
648.00 Lei
Men's Arete Gloves
Outdoor Research best sellers, the Arete Gloves are among the most versatile alpine gloves available, offering grip, dexterity and waterproof protection. Light 100-weight fleece insulation keeps hands warm in intense conditions, and a silicone palm on the liners allows them to be worn indepe..
540.00 Lei
Luminary Sensor Gloves
Touchscreen-compatible, technical modular gloves with a quick-dry removable wool-blend liner that are great for multi-day pursuits in high alpine environments.You could pack three pairs of gloves on your next multi-day alpine pursuit, or you could pack one pair that does the job of three. Meet t..
735.00 Lei
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