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Canister Stoves

GoSystem Venture Stove
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Brand: GoSystem
Classic trekking stove with a lightweight design and a large powerful burner.Powerful burner with precision flame control. Serrated folding pan supports to prevent pot slippage. Auto-start piezo igniter. Aluminium cartridge locking ring secures connection to EN417 gas cartridgeSteel/BrassPi..
99.00 Lei 150.00 Lei
Ex Tax:99.00 Lei
GoSystem Super Fire Stove
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Brand: GoSystem
Ultra powerful, triple-headed burner stove perfect for expedition use in tough conditions.Top of FormBottom of FormSteel/BrassManual ignitionTriple burner head with precision flame controlWide serrated sprung pan supports for non-slip useFor use with pans no more then 18cm in diameterPan supp..
149.00 Lei 250.00 Lei
Ex Tax:149.00 Lei
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