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MSR WindBurner Sauce Pot
-51 %
Brand: MSR
Optimizes your WindBurner Stove System for group meals and simmered feasts.Increase your cooking capacity and trade freeze-dried meals for real food options with the WindBurner Sauce Pot. Designed for group cooking and simmered cuisine, the 2.5 L aluminum accessory pot features an enclosed, heat-cap..
205.00 Lei 415.00 Lei
Ex Tax:205.00 Lei
MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot
-30 %
Brand: MSR
Great for backcountry or weekend trips with extra people, the WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot lets two backpackers prepare simple meals and brew up hot drinks fast. This 1.8 L hard-anodized aluminum pot features a built-in heat exchanger that efficiently transfers the stove’s radiant heat. The pot can ..
350.00 Lei 500.00 Lei
Ex Tax:350.00 Lei
MSR Trail Mini Solo Cook Set
-45 %
Brand: MSR
The size of a large mug, the Trail Mini Solo Cook Set delivers the essentials you need to fuel up—all in a cook kit that’s ridiculously small in your pack. Perfectly sized to make hot water for one pouch meal or a generous cup of coffee, its pot plays double duty as your eat-and-drink vessel. In..
145.00 Lei 265.00 Lei
Ex Tax:145.00 Lei
MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set
-32 %
Brand: MSR
Designed for solo backpackers who want to keep the menu options open, the Trail Lite Solo Cook Set delivers the packing convenience of an all-in-one set. Perfect for pasta, soup and other one-pot meals, this light and compact set will keep you well-fed at camp, and moving quickly on the trail.Light:..
250.00 Lei 370.00 Lei
Ex Tax:250.00 Lei
MSR Trail Lite Duo Cook Set
-29 %
Brand: MSR
The Trail Lite Duo Cook Set delivers all the lightweight, space-saving benefits of a minimalist cook set, without forcing you to be Spartan about what you cook. The system features a tall 2 liter hard-anodized aluminum pot that accommodates two and keeps the menu options open. The dish set includes ..
275.00 Lei 385.00 Lei
Ex Tax:275.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
Light and strong thanks to its quality hard-anodized aluminum construction, the Trail Lite 1.3 Liter backpacking pot is a solid foundation to the cook kits of solo travelers. Offering the heat distribution of aluminum, and scratch-resistant durability, this pot is great for water-boiling and one-pot..
175.00 Lei
Ex Tax:175.00 Lei
MSR Reactor Cookware  1.7 L
-50 %
Brand: MSR
Adapt your Reactor stove system to any situation.Hard-anodized aluminum Reactor cookware features our proprietary heat exchanger that fully encloses the Reactor stove’s radiant burner. The resulting windproof design is key to the stove system’s unrivaled all-condition performance.1.0L Pot: For trips..
275.00 Lei 550.00 Lei
Ex Tax:275.00 Lei
MSR Quick 2 System
-45 %
Brand: MSR
The Quick™ 2 system is a complete cook and eat system, designed as the go-to solution for the widest range of backcountry uses and meals. Insulated mugs and DeepDish™ plates combine with both nonstick and uncoated hard-anodized aluminum for the ultimate in lightweight, cook-anything u..
275.00 Lei 500.00 Lei
Ex Tax:275.00 Lei
MSR Flex 4 System
-50 %
Brand: MSR
This is our highest capacity, full-featured cook system for groups of 4 or more. Including a big, hard-anodized 5.3L pot, and a 3.2L nonstick, you can fix a feast for the whole posse on a road trip, while its compact nested design makes it a great option for big river and group backpack trips as..
435.00 Lei 875.00 Lei
Ex Tax:435.00 Lei
MSR Ceramic Solo Pot
-38 %
Brand: MSR
1.3 L aluminum pot with Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating, ideal for soloists.Whether you’re on a solo mission or joining partners on the trail, cook freely in the backcountry with this 1.3 L pot, featuring our durable Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating. The toughest nonstick coating we’ve ever found, ..
200.00 Lei 325.00 Lei
Ex Tax:200.00 Lei
MSR Ceramic 2.5L Pot
-36 %
Brand: MSR
This 2.5 liter pot makes it easier than ever to cook like you do at home while on the trail. Its Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating offers worry-free cooking—not only is this premium coating extra-durable, it’s also safe at high heat and PFTE- and PFOA-free. Great for soups, sauces and other sticky fa..
225.00 Lei 350.00 Lei
Ex Tax:225.00 Lei
MSR Ceramic 2-Pot Set
-39 %
Brand: MSR
For backcountry chefs who love to cook but hate to clean up, this 2-pot set is the best choice for nonstick performance at camp. It boasts our premium Fusion® ceramic nonstick surface that’s extra-tough, safe at high heat, and PFTE- and PFOA-free—letting you prep gourmet meals with peace of mind. To..
275.00 Lei 450.00 Lei
Ex Tax:275.00 Lei
Brand: MSR
The Alpinist 2 Cook System offers the superior strength and light weight of hard anodized aluminum with the added capacity you need for melting snow and boiling water fast. A full-featured cook and eat system for two, it comes complete with our Double-Wall Insulated Mugs and DeepDish™ plates..
440.00 Lei
Ex Tax:440.00 Lei
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