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Black Diamond Wiz
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Brand: Black Diamond
A compact kids' 30-lumen headlamp, the Black Diamond Wiz has a child-safe closure and breakaway elastic safety strap. A versatile head tilt allows the Wiz to function properly even when put on upside-down, and the lamp automatically shuts down after two hours to prevent accidental battery dr..
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Black Diamond Stride
-20 %
Brand: Black Diamond
So light you'll forget it's there, so bright you can’t miss it. Whether you're looking for a compact backup light for backcountry trips, a little rear illumination for early-morning runs, or a visibility boost for your four-legged friend, the Stride’s lightweight design checks all the boxes...
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Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp
-9 %
Brand: Black Diamond
The new Storm 400 is still the burly, fully-sealed waterproof and dustproof headlamp built for rugged adventures, only now it’s brighter, easier to use, and housed in a more compact body. Featuring a more compact design, updated user interface, and a multi-faceted optical lens design that sa..
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Brand: Black Diamond
Black Diamond's lightest, smallest, most compact headlamp with a waterproof body and full feature-set, the new Spot Lite 200 is the perfect headlamp for ultralight, pre-dawn or post-dusk action, plus it's small and discrete enough to hide away in your "essentials bag." Emits up to 200 lumen..
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Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp
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Brand: Black Diamond
The award-winning, full-featured waterproof Spot headlamp is now lighter, brighter, and smaller. The Spot 350 features a compact design, updated user interface, and multi-faceted optical lens design that provides a powerful 350 lumens of light, making it the perfect light for pre-work dawn p..
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Black Diamond ReVolt 350 Headlamp
-18 %
Brand: Black Diamond
The ultra-versatile, IPX4, USB-rechargeable headlamp that runs on the modular new rechargeable BD 1800 Battery or standard AAA batteries, the redesigned ReVolt 350 now is now lighter, brighter, and smaller, boasting 350 lumens of light, an updated user interface, and a multi-faceted optical ..
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Black Diamond Onsight 375
New -8 %
Brand: Black Diamond
Developed after rigorous testing while night-climbing on the limestone walls of Mexico, the Onsight is our purpose-built solution for climbers seeking additional climb time after the sun has set. A climber’s desire for simplicity and robustness were built into every aspect of this light from..
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Black Diamond Icon 700 Headlamp
-17 %
Brand: Black Diamond
Whether you're on a multi-day backcountry hut trip, or climbing peaks in a single push, the Black Diamond Icon 700 Headlamp provides a powerful 700-lumen output. With an updated user interface by adding a second switch for easy lens mode selection, and improved optical efficiency, which provid..
395.00 Lei 475.00 Lei
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Brand: Black Diamond
The new BD 1800 Rechargeable Battery and charger is the next evolution in modular rechargeable battery pack technology. Compatible with the Sprinter275 and ReVolt350, the BD 1800 rechargeable battery comes with a USB charger and is a 1800 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable cell, giving you the fre..
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