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Trekmates Folding Sit Mat
-25 %
Brand: Trekmates
A comfortable and insulating, packable folding seat perfect for quick rest stops.PVC coated polyesterFoam filled for comfort and insulationCompact, tri-fold designWebbing strap with hook and loop closure..
30.00 Lei 40.00 Lei
Ex Tax:30.00 Lei
Therm-a-Rest Permanent Home Repair Kit
-25 %
Brand: Thermarest
Our most durable repair option with a 4-hour cure time.The Permanent Home Repair Kit uses a wet adhesive and fabric patches to make the strongest and most durable Therm-a-Rest® mattress repairs possible. It is also the best choice for repairing larger tears. Works on all Therm-a-Rest mattresses, inc..
45.00 Lei 60.00 Lei
Ex Tax:45.00 Lei
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Micro Pump
Hot -44 %
Brand: Thermarest
Tiny yet powerful, the NeoAir Micro Pump will inflate your pad quickly saving you precious time at camp. The 2.3 oz (65 g) pump uses two AAA batteries to inflate your WingLock or TwinLock in minutes. If you have a NeoAir pad with a WingLock valve, the handy pump can also deflate your mattress before..
125.00 Lei 225.00 Lei
Ex Tax:125.00 Lei
Brand: Thermarest
Ultralight kit for instant, self-adhesive repairs in the field.The Instant Field Repair Kit makes fast, easy and lasting mattress repairs in the field. It includes all the same great self-adhesive patches that now come included with most Therm-a-Rest mattresses, and is just the insurance you need to..
60.00 Lei
Ex Tax:60.00 Lei
Brand: Thermarest
Easy to use repair kit with high-flow mattress valve and adhesive.Did your dog chew the valve off your brand-new Therm-a-Rest® mattress? Our Valve Kit makes replacement quick and easy. It includes adhesive and a high-flow replacement valve that installs in a snap...
60.00 Lei
Ex Tax:60.00 Lei
Sea to Summit Ultra Light Air Mat
New -31 %
Brand: Sea to Summit
If lightweight is your goal and comfort is your priority, the Ultralight Air Mat may be perfect for you. The mat was awarded Gear of the Year by National Geographic Adventure and earned Best New Gear from Gear Institute in 2014 for its innovative construction and ease of use. Using Air Sprun..
415.00 Lei 600.00 Lei
Ex Tax:415.00 Lei
Sea to Summit Ultra Light Air Insulated Mat
New -30 %
Brand: Sea to Summit
If you are looking for a lightweight sleeping pad, but you will not compromise on comfort, durability, insulation or ease of use, look no further. The Air Sprung Cell™ design delivers stability and support, while our lamination and weld quality set new standards for reliability. Thermolite® ..
525.00 Lei 750.00 Lei
Ex Tax:525.00 Lei
Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Xtreme Insulated Women's Air Mat
New -19 %
Brand: Sea to Summit
Shaped specifically for cold-weather women adventurers, the extra-thick Women's Ether Light Extreme is constructed with additional insulation compared to the unisex model. The XT Air Sprung Cells provide 4" of stability and comfort, while increased-density dual layers of THERMOLITE® insulati..
890.00 Lei 1,100.00 Lei
Ex Tax:890.00 Lei
Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Xtreme Insulated Air Mat
New -12 %
Brand: Sea to Summit
The Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated is extra thick and exceptionally warm. The XT Air Sprung Cells provide 4" of stability and comfort, while dual-density layers of THERMOLITE® insulation prevent convective heat loss and internal air movement. The result: true four-season performa..
1,015.00 Lei 1,150.00 Lei
Ex Tax:1,015.00 Lei
Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated
New -13 %
Brand: Sea to Summit
Sleeping well when you are backpacking requires that you sleep comfortably. The Comfort Light™ Insulated sleeping mat uses Air Sprung Cell™ technology and a hybrid matrix of offset cells to provide excellent stability and amazing comfort. There is a double layer of cells in the torso for inc..
825.00 Lei 949.00 Lei
Ex Tax:825.00 Lei
The fastest way to inflate your insulated sleeping mat.Rolltop nylon Windsock inflates mats quicklyCompatible with Mountain Equipment Aerostat sleeping matsWeight : 60g / 2.1oz..
175.00 Lei
Ex Tax:175.00 Lei
Should the worst happen, our repair kit will fix your mat right up.Compatible with Mountain Equipment air matsContains fabric patches and a tube of adhesiveWeight : 60g / 2.1oz..
25.00 Lei
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