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Brand: Black Diamond
A six pack of our Black Diamond MiniWire Quickdraw, our lightest in the line. Ideal for trimming ounces on all-day gear routes and marathon sport pitches, the MiniWire draw features our hot-forged MiniWire carabiners on the top and bottom as well as a lightweight 10 mm Dynex dogbone with an ..
399.00 Lei
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Brand: Black Diamond
A six pack of LiteWire draws, featuring Black Diamond's new LiteWire wiregate—a small, durable workhorse carabiner featuring a lightweight hot-forged construction—and a 12cm long, 12mm Dynex dogbone. The LiteWire Draw is light enough to save weight on big routes, but burly enough to withstand ..
389.00 Lei
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Brand: Black Diamond
The Black Diamond HotWire Quickpack features six of our hot-forged 12 cm HotWire draws, which give full wiregate performance with a no-frills construction at a value. Two wiregate HotWire biners, with the bottom colored for a visual climbing target, and the durable 18 mm polyester dogbone fe..
339.00 Lei
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Brand: Black Diamond
Black Diamond's HotForge Hybrid draws, which features a new snag-free HotForge keylock carabiner on top and our redesigned lightweight, easy-clipping classic HotWire carabiner on bottom that's colored for a visual climbing target. The Black Diamond HotForge Hybrid combines smooth clippabilit..
85.00 Lei
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