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Exped Sit Pad Flex
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Brand: Exped
Rapidly deployed, lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and versatile closed-cell foam sit pad. Low profile 3-panel design fits in side-pockets or mesh panels of backpacks and bike bags. Works well as a cushion on a kayak or canoe seat and as insulation in lightweight backpacking chairs. Ex..
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Brand: Exped
Foam insulated sit pad for all conditions.Backcountry skiers, snowshoers, campers, day hikers, paddlers, sailors and others will find the comfort and insulation of Sit Pad to be an excellent companion in the wild. Durable fabric, foam insulation and Exped's FlatValve for inflation and deflation...
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Brand: Exped
The comfort seat for all those on the move. Lightweight, durable, stable, and compact with baffled air tubes.Separate inflation and deflation flat valves. A one-way flap in the inflation valve prevents air loss during inflation. You can run webbing through the eyelets to fix AirSeat to a..
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